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Blinds are often chosen for their strong aesthetic value. And who can argue with the fact that blinds can inject that added touch of elegance to a home or office?

But blinds act as more than just a decorative feature. They offer increased privacy and security by not exposing the interior of your home to passers-by. They’re also more practical than curtains, as you can choose just how much light you want to let into your home.

Blinds come in a range of materials: pvc, polyester, timber, and fabric are the most common. Regardless of which you opt for, our customers are guaranteed to receive a product that will look elegant and stylish.

Range of Selection

When it comes to choosing blinds, the options are nearly limitless. Traditional blinds, modern plastic or metal varieties, and wooden blinds are all amongst our product selection.

Natural Design

Our fabric and timber blinds are often chosen to give a home or office a rustic or organic aesthetic feel. Our timber blinds are also an excellent choice if you want to have an added insulator – block out the sun and ensure your home is kept nice and cool. For more humid areas of your home, such as the bathroom, why not try our PVC timber venetians or plantation shutters?

Added Security

For our customers concerned about privacy and security, blinds are the perfect choice. Traditional curtains, while effective, do not let light into a room while keeping out the prying eyes of on lookers. Tilt your blinds at the right angle and you can enjoy a bright room without an invasion of your privacy.

Long Lasting and Convenient

Kayton Blinds only offers products that are of high quality and easy to maintain and operate. Contrary to ordinary curtains, blinds can be cleaned quickly. Usually, just a sponge with a dash of hot water is enough to keep them looking as new. You won’t have to replace your blinds on a regular basis, as our products have been selected to last for years.

Where to Buy

Kayton Blinds is a locally operated provider based in Melbourne, Australia. We source products in a variety of sizes, colours and types. We can guide you through the selection process to find blinds that suit your needs, design preferences, and budget.

Roller Blinds

At Kayton Blinds, we strive to give customers practical solutions with elegance. And that’s why we offer a wide selection of roller blinds, whether for commercial or domestic use.

Roller blinds are the most popular blind type and are a cost-effective solution for most applications. They’re also very versatile and sturdy, meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the short-term.

Thinking of a remodelling project? Consider our motorised roller blind systems, which add a level of modernity to any home or office. While these installations are a touch more expensive than traditional blinds, you also get a range of added benefits.

How Roller Blinds Work

While roller blinds have gone through changes and improvements, the basics of traditional blinds have remained the same since inception. The original system is pillared on the principles of release combined with tension. Today's roller blinds use continuous loop action for their operation. This type gives you a smoother and more natural motion from top to bottom.

Benefits of Roller Blinds

At Kayton Blinds, we’re more than just what meets the eye. And that’s why we’re proponents of roller blinds, which not only provide a stylish addition to your home but also excellent protection from sun damage and are simple to operate.

Roller blinds can be partially brought down or chosen with materials that allow minimal sunlight filtering – this makes roller blinds and excellent choice in rooms where you want to avoid glare. Perfect for office use or your living room when watching television!

Our roller blinds are suitable for use throughout your home: the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and office can all benefit from their use. The material makeup of our roller blinds means they’re perfect for rooms that suffer from problems with moisture, making these an ideal alternative to aluminium and timber blinds or curtains.

Kayton Blinds has carefully selected a variety of styles of roller blinds, giving customers the ability to mix and match according to their personal tastes and existing home or office style. Choose from almost any colour or material to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Our roller blinds are favourites with those looking to revamp their homes. Thermal insulation ensures you don’t have to worry about sun damage, while blockout blinds are also a great option for bedrooms.

Compared to other styles, roller blinds are a cost-effective and a versatile choice. At Kayton Blinds, we’ll help you find a product that won’t leave you light on the wallet while also offering quality throughout.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters from Kayton Blinds bring a touch of elegance and class to a room and are also exceptionally practical. They are considered aesthetically pleasing and produce a homely feel. They are more permanent than curtains and are areal part of the homes they are fitted to. They also add value and are a good investment. Durability is another benefit as they last many years and are easy to clean and maintain.

At Kayton Blinds customers will find quality products that are affordable, built to last, and can fit any style or taste. Choose from our huge range of venetian blinds, roman blinds for a more natural look, or keep things simple with our roller blind selection. Whether you’re remodelling from top to bottom or just looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, Kayton Blinds has just what you’re looking for.

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Vertical Blinds

Their quick and practical nature ensures our vertical blinds remain a popular choice amongst Kayton Blinds customers. They’re an ideal window covering option for both home and office, allowing the management of both privacy and glare.

Kayton Blinds has hundreds of designs, styles, colours, and materials on offer. Choose from elegant and traditional, modern and edgy, or something that’s in between. We guarantee that you’ll have plenty of options and if you’re overwhelmed just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help through the selection process.

Panel Vertical Blinds

For a touch of modern sophistication, panel glide blinds offer a contemporary take on traditional window fashions featuring sleek lines and minimalist design. Panel glide blinds from Kayton Blinds Melbourne evoke understated elegance in any home. Perfect for a large window, door or as a room divider, panel glide blinds are crafted from flat fabric panels attached to a simple head rail track system that uses glider mounted carriers, making it light and easy to operate

PVC Vertical Blinds

PVC blinds, or plastic vertical blinds as they’re otherwise known, have entered a brand-new era in their design and application. If you’re thinking of plain plastic that’s unattractive to look at, think again – PVC vertical blinds now offer more choices than ever before.

Choose from a wide range of different styles and colours, crazy patterns or understated textures. Whatever you decide to go for, PVC blinds are excellent at controlling the sun levels in your home or office. Not only that, the stronger and thicker varieties also offers increased protection against sun damage.

Benefits of Vertical Blinds

Installing vertical blinds in your home or office goes beyond light and heat management. Blinds also allow you to work more effectively through glare reduction and you should also see a discernible reduction in your home’s heat index.

In the hot Australian summer months, vertical blinds have been proven to save up to 20% on cooling. Without the heat of the sun entering your property, your air conditioning won’t have to work overtime. Similarly, vertical blinds can also help keep the heat in during those colder spells of the year.

Venetian Blinds

The most common and well-known blind type is the venetian blind. Lined horizontally, venetian blinds are stylish, blends the modern with traditional features, and it’s no surprise they’re amongst our most popular products.

Our Aluminium venetian blinds use 25mm aluminium slats that are strung on an adjustable ladder. You can alter the angle of the slats according to how much light you want in your room. To preserve vividness, our venetian blinds are coated with a high-quality enamel finish. We want your venetian blinds to not only look good when we install them but for years to come.

At Kayton Blinds we ensure each product goes through strict quality control. Our products come with crash proof cord locks coupled with an enamel coating to minimise product damage.

The fantastic advantage of the venetian blind is that you can choose partial coverage of your window. Alter the amount of sunlight coming into your room as required, meaning you can still enjoy sunlight while blocking the rays from your television or computer. Alternatively, enjoy total privacy by tilting the slats upwards.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

Our venetian blinds offer privacy, protection from UV rays, as well as the added benefit of energy saving. They are also unique in their versatility, being one of the few product types that can be used anywhere in a house or office.


The office or home kitchen is a room that is particularly prone to moisture and humidity damage. That’s why venetian blinds work so well, as the aluminium alloy is ideal to withstand this. Compared to fabric or timber, our venetian blinds will last far longer in this environment.


Not surprisingly, the laundry room is another area where humidity can be an issue. Install venetian blinds and you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.


While venetian blinds are a great practical solution it doesn’t mean you have to live without style. That’s why Kayton Blinds invests in products that not only serve a practical purpose, but also look the part. Give your room an air of elegance and sophistication by combining our venetian blinds with vibrant curtains!


The lounge is where your family will spend most of its time. And during those hot Australian summer months, it’s important you have the option of blocking the rays. Venetian blinds are great in that they allow you to choose just how much and where light can enter your room, giving you plenty of light to sit comfortably while still blocking out UV damage.

Timber Venetian & Eco Blinds

Timber blinds by Kayton Blinds Melbourne capture nature’s beauty and enhance a room’s coziest qualities while giving windows “center-stage” status. The natural insulating qualities of wood help keep rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Similar to fine furniture, wood blinds are built to last and offer a clean & classic look “fine furniture for your windows “.

Eco Wood Venetian Blinds

An affordable way to enjoy the rustic beauty of timber with the Kayton Eco wood range. Ideal for areas high in heat and moisture. These PVC free slats are satisfaction guaranteed against fading, yellowing, warping or bowing.

Cord Operation

Our Timber venetian blinds and eco venetian blinds are very easy to use and come fitted with a cord locking device to position your blind at the point you desire. Our blinds come with two sets of cords, one set to raise and lower the blind and the other set to tilt the slats which adjusts the lighting to whatever you choose.

Roman Blinds

At Kayton Blinds, we ensure our products go beyond aesthetic value alone. Our fabrics have been specifically chosen for their resistance to fading and damage from the elements so that our customers can enjoy our blinds for years to come. You don’t have to worry about the heat, UV light, or the strong Australian sun!

We also guarantee that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Pick from our huge selection of unique styles and fabrics (including sheer, blockout, and translucent!) to create a customised result that works for you.

Motorised Roman Blinds

We always strive to deliver both practicality and style to our customers. Our motorised Roman blinds are a perfect example, offering convenience at the touch of a button. Packed with a handy remote control, our blinds can be raised or lowered from anywhere in the room. We have ensured that our blinds are of the highest quality, with enhanced flexibility and an ultra-quiet motor giving you a durable and dependable solution for your home or office.

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