Venetian Blinds

The advantage of the venetian blind is that you can choose partial coverage of your window, alter the amount of sunlight coming into your room as required. Meaning you can still enjoy sunlight while blocking the rays from your television or computer screen, or alternatively enjoy total privacy by tilting the slats upwards.

Lined horizontally, venetian blinds are stylish, blends the modern with traditional features, and it’s no surprise they’re amongst our most popular products. Our venetian blinds come with crash proof cord locks coupled with an enamel coating to minimise wear and tear.

Cord Operation

Our Timber venetian blinds and eco venetian blinds are very easy to use and come fitted with a cord locking device to position your blind at the point you desire. Our blinds come with two sets of cords, one set to raise and lower the blind and the other set to tilt the slats which adjusts the lighting to whatever you choose.

Benefits of Venetian Blinds

Our venetian blinds offer privacy, protection from UV rays, as well as the added benefit of energy saving. They are also unique in their versatility, being one of the few product types that can be used anywhere in a house or office.

Venetian Blinds in your Melbourne Property


The office or home kitchen is a room that is particularly prone to moisture and humidity damage. That’s why venetian blinds work so well, as the aluminium alloy is ideal to withstand this. Compared to fabric or timber, our venetian blinds will last far longer in this environment.


Not surprisingly, the laundry room is another area where humidity can be an issue. Install venetian blinds and you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.


While venetian blinds are a great practical solution it doesn’t mean you have to live without style. That’s why Kayton Blinds invests in products that not only serve a practical purpose, but also look the part. Give your room an air of elegance and sophistication by combining our venetian blinds with vibrant curtains!


The lounge is where your family will spend most of its time. And during those hot Australian summer months, it’s important you have the option of blocking the rays. Venetian blinds are great in that they allow you to choose just how much and where light can enter your room, giving you plenty of light to sit comfortably while still blocking out UV damage.

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